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REMOTE Enhanced Services Forecasting - Remote Dial in

* How much income could your enhanced services generate?
* How does this compare to your ES workload? 
* How do you identify & recall target patients?

This remote dial-in forecast will ensure you fully understand your enhanced service workload, creating accurate target patient lists to maximise ES income. Don’t leave your enhanced services to chance - small changes will reap huge rewards.
Once we have received your completed order and payment, a mutually convenient date/time will be arranged for the dial-in session to take place.

Price: £72.00

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REMOTE Flu Claims - 2018/19 Campaign

With thousands of £’s at stake it is essential you are diligent about your flu claims ...
It can be so easy to miss patients who have had a flu vac -
*Patient registration status changes (moved away/died)
*Pregnant patients deliver so are no longer pregnant
*Incorrect codes are used to record flu vac given
All of the above and many more will affect your claims - not only are you missing out on £9.80 enhanced service payment, you are also missing out on claiming the fee you paid for the vaccine in the first instance. Whilst for many this service will pay for itself by identify missed claims, for others it is a small price to pay for the reassurance they are being accurately paid for the work they have done. 

Price: £100.00

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